How Often Should I Come In For Chiropractic To Maintain Spinal Health?

A patient asked me today, ‘How Often Should I Come In For Chiropractic To Maintain Spinal Health?’ He was asking because he was starting to feel good and wanted to know the way forward once his symptoms are under control.

It Depends

I said, ‘That depends.’

‘Depends on what?’, he asked.

‘It depends on how well you want to be. It’s an individual choice’, I said. ‘Some people have high demands and stress in their lives and recognise this so they come in weekly or fortnightly.’

‘I have a female CEO of a company who comes in for care and she has 900+ people who work for her. She comes in Weekly and knows when she’s out of alignment. This lady knows because she’s yelling, screaming and swearing when she’s out of whack. She also knows because her neck can’t turn fully to the right when she’s this way.’

‘She comes in weekly because she starts becoming this grouch around a week of working in her high stress position. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys her work but she understands that swearing, screaming and yelling doesn’t do herself or her business any favours. So she gets adjusted weekly. She finds that at this frequency, she’s more patient, makes better decisions and more in tune with herself. She’s been doing this for more than eight years now. It’s a commitment she made to herself.’

‘Asking how often you need to come in is like asking how often do you need to wash your car? How often do you need to eat vegetables? How often do you need to brush your teeth? Because if you want your car to look it’s best all the time, you’ll wash it before it shows any sign of muddiness. If you want to be healthy, stay a decent weight and be regular with your bowel habits, you’ll want to eat veggies daily. Let’s face it, there are people out there who look after their car better than they look after themselves!’

‘For a lot of people, tension and stress is not detected by their radar because they’re too busy. Some people don’t recognise how much stress and tension they develop and they’re not aware that they’re out of alignment. As their chiropractor, my role is to advise them of their stress, tension and the best frequency of visits to achieve and maintain their desired  level of wellness.

How Often Should I Come In For Chiropractic To Maintain Spinal Health?

Ultimately, that decision is up to you.

‘Chiropractic is a way to keep your body working at its best so that you can perform at your best. How often you get checked is up to you. If you value your performance, your ability to look after your family, your career, your health, then you go as often as you feel you need to stay at that level of performance in life. This is what they call Wellness.’

‘They say Wellness is not an absence of pain. Wellness is an absence of Limitation.’

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