Yes, Chiropractic can help Pregnant Women!

Chiropractors help pregnant women and they love it!

Pregnancy is a process that prepares a woman’s body to facilitate the delivery of the precious cargo that is growing in her womb. During this process, the pregnant woman may feel some pain and/or discomfort as her body adapts to these changes, which include hormonal, as well as posture and balance changes.

Chiropractors often see women wanting some relief from the discomfort they’re experiencing with their pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments free up the spine from misalignments and pinched nerves to allow greater mobility and comfort to the pregnant woman. This allows the pregnant woman to feel more at ease and enjoy the process.

Why would Pregnant Women see a Chiropractor?

Because pregnant women often suffer from back pain before and during their pregnancy and chiropractic offers a natural, safe and drug-free approach to relieving back pain.

Women can develop back pain at any time. During pregnancy, the hormonal and physical changes can cause muscles to fatigue and result in pain in the lower back.  Middle back pain, neck pain and/or headaches can also develop depending on the woman’s work duties.

Either way, it can cause a fair amount of discomfort for the mother-to-be and affect their day-to-day activities.

Do Pregnant Women receive chiropractic care the same way as everyone?

Depending on comfort, Chiropractic adjustments for a pregnant woman is usually the same as any other patient. Alternative forms of spinal adjustments, including very low-force techniques, can also be applied.

Overall, Dr. Alfie pays close attention to his pregnant patients’ needs and tailors his adjustments accordingly. He takes the highest level of care during the chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic research has shown that women who receive Chiropractic care during their pregnancy report being more comfortable during their pregnancy and their labour. Furthermore, they experience a greater sense of wellbeing throughout their pregnancy as well as shorter labour and delivery times with fewer complications and fewer interventions.

Dr. Alfie has personally cared for and assisted many pregnant women throughout and beyond their pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association ( supports chiropractic as helpful during pregnancy, and cites the following benefits to receiving care:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing the time of labor and delivery
  • Relieving back, neck or joint pain
  • Prevent a potential cesarean delivery

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Addressing The Cause

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