Ms. Moneta Tan - Massage Therapist

Moneta has been working as a remedial massage therapist for over a year, having completed her diploma at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. To add to her existing skill set, she has upgraded to a BHSc in Clinical Myotherapy and is expected to graduate in 2020. During the soccer season, she works as the head sports trainer for the Yarraville Glory Football Club, helping the senior men’s team reach and maintain optimal fitness levels throughout the year.

Before pursuing her passion, Moneta was a gym manager and a personal trainer. Being immersed in gym culture for so long, she delved into bodybuilding and competed in several powerlifting competitions. She now focuses her own training sessions on functional training. Her ‘aha’ moment, which led her to change careers, occurred when she sought remedial treatment to help with her chronic tension headaches. Having experienced injuries herself, Moneta understands how emotionally and physically debilitating pain can be. She’s passionate about educating people on why they experience pain and how they can effectively manage pain by arming them with the right tools. She believes that remedial massage should be holistic and so she likes to treat the body as a whole instead of just treating the symptoms. 

When she’s not busy fixing people or reading the latest research articles, Moneta enjoys playing with her nieces and nephew, baking, listening to podcasts and adventuring at various national parks.